Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alternative Wind Power Has Around Since Ancient Egypt.

Did you know that wind energy is generated through uneven heating of the Earth i.e. And the change of weather patterns. people have always been fascinated in learning how to make wind generators and harness free energy from the wind. Also what determines the strength and power of the wind is how close or how far you are to the mountains and the sea. Scientists continue to look for ways to develop wind power `off shore in the ocean where winds are typically more powerful.

As a matter of fact harnessing the power from the wind has been used for many centuries using windmills for for pumping water in China and grinding grain in Egypt. However, the first windmills that used alternative wind energy were the turbines used in Europe in the middle of the 20th century. The windmills that were made a long time ago worked in the similar fashion to the wind turbines used on when farms today.

Just as is the case with solar power, the global wind resource is extremely vast (we are never going to run out of wind). Did you know that some scientists say that there is ample wind energy to fully power the world and still have a surplus of energy.

As a matter of fact the wind energy Council has mentioned that wind energy could supply all of the worlds energy needs by using one percent of the alternative wind energy available. Isn't that fascinating?

Now that is really impressive recognizing the fact that fossil fuels are now using the power over the planet and causing great damage to the ecosystem and environment at the most alarming levels of pollution.

At one time nuclear power was recognized as the answer to our energy problems and like the awful fossil fuels there are many challenges and dangers like the horrible Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

The only challenge with using alternative wind energy resources is that the wind farms need to be in places where wind is at its strongest. Many of the largest wind farms are in places where the wind is powerful and frequent such as in North Dakota in the United States, Wales and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

North Dakota could actually create more wind power than all of Germany combined except we do not have all of the technology installed here yet. Plus Germany has more installed wind capacity than all of the United States. Currently, Europe is the superpower in the wind industry, however we here in the United States have actually the fastest growing wind market, and if President Obama has his way we will power over the European wind industry in just a few more years.

The one reason that the wind industry is growing so much is the fact that start up costs are falling. Since fossil fuel is a non-renewable resource and there will be that time when it will be obsolete.

Furthermore, the sky rocketing prices of electricity and because of the great recession people are searching for ways to cut down their cost. Alternative wind energy is free and the only cost involved is buying land and setting up wind farms, or installing wind turbines in your own back yard.

Currently the government offers incentives if you are going to make use of alternative wind energy over that of traditional energy sources. State incentives have actually played a big part in encouraging people to install small wind systems. The Federal Production tax credit has been a very good incentive for domestic wind power too.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

You Can Slash Fuel Costs, By Running Your Car On Water As Well As Gas

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All the while, we have been perfecting our methods to the point where we can convert a car quickly, easily - and with less than $150. Some of our customers have reported MPG increases of 70%...the process to produce a system that...
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Energy Generator - How to Build a Home-made Free Energy Generator at No Cost

Free energy generators are either a solar panel or wind turbine which can be built from unwanted equipments which you can find at a junk shop. A home-made solar panel or wind turbine can be made from unwanted car parts. If you are a newbie make sure you have the information guide at hand before starting out the project otherwise it could put your life at risk.

Parts are safe regardless of where you get them from. Method is more important when come to putting parts together and setup. You should be sure that information at hand has the correct method otherwise your free energy generator may not work. Many websites are offering information about how to make free energy generators but I suggest you to do homework in where to trust. Many are scams only to make you to pay for the information but I suggest you to buy from the site with reviews. Do your online shopping wisely. Not all websites are scams.

A high quality guide book which written by expert environmentalist can show you how to build free energy generators with low budget or no cost that really work like a commercially-made device. You can also find parts in your car garage or on the internet if you prefer something new. The methods are simple and straight-forward so do not worry about the technical stuff. A newbie can learn to build a home-made free energy generator within 2 days time. The information guide is usually written with illustration which shows you with step-by-step instruction on putting parts together and setting them up.

As mentioned above, if you put your hand on the wrong information you could put your life in danger and result in defective generator. The information should be written by professional who have been through the researched and tested. Building a free energy generator is simple and fun but make sure you have the completed information at hand before you start out for your weekend project.

Some Renewable Energy Site are Scams. I will show you how to get a D.I.Y. Home-made power system at a cheap deal and avoid being scammed. Do not join any site until you have read this. Earth 4 Energy

Let me show you how to successfully create a free energy generator for less than $200

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Green Energy Sources

The United States produces 6 billion metric tons of CO2 annually. Yes that is Billion! Forty percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated in the US comes from the generation of electricity. We are certainly not the only offender, but we are one of, if not the largest, contributor to the greenhouse gas problem.

The accumulation of greenhouse gasses is causing the earth to warm, reducing the size of ice deposits in the Arctic, Antarctica, and Greenland. This has already caused severe problems for small Pacific Island nations and threatens costal areas all over the world. The reduction of CO2 emissions is critical and needs to start with the production of electricity.

The Advantages of Green Energy seem obvious:

- Green energy is clean and can slow the effects of global warming by reducing CO2 emissions.

- Green energy is renewable unlike the natural gas and coal that are our primary sources now.

- It requires less maintenance than conventional equipment. Although the initial investment may be high, the long term savings would be significant.

- It can provide economic benefits to certain areas. For example, the leasing of land for wind farms could provide economic relief to many rural areas.

There are a few disadvantages that critics can point to.

- we have no control over the weather. The wind must blow and the sun must shine to use wind and solar technologies.

- The type of green energy used is to some degree determined by the
geographic location, particularly for energies such as hydrothermal or geothermal.

- Some have even objected on aesthetic grounds, objecting to the site of a wind farm off shore for instance.

It seems to me that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

According to the Dept of Energy, if we increase the percentage of
electricity produced by wind to 20% by 2030, we can reduce CO2 emissions of the electric sector by 25%. This is equivalent to taking an estimated 140 million vehicles off of the road.

We don't really have a choice. If we don't take action now, there will come a time when it will be too late.
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Susan Ozmore

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Improve Your Home With A Residential Wind Turbine

What if I said you could cut your electric bill by 50 to 90 percent? Well, you can by installing a small, residential wind turbine on your property.

Improve Your Home With A Residential Wind Turbine

When you combine the cost of fossil fuels with the pollution and climate problems they create, it can all get a bit overwhelming. It is easy to find oneself wondering where to start when dealing with these problems. Given the state of fear attitude portrayed in most media, this is hardly a surprise. Surprisingly, the answers are fairly simple if you wade through the hype.

Wind power is a renewable energy source with a lot going for it. It produces electricity by converting the inherent energy in wind through a generator in a wind turbine. It produces no pollutants of any sort and will be available to us for as long as wind exists, to wit, a very long time. Given this fact, you are probably wondering if you are supposed to build a bunch of turbines in your yard. Nope!

As a conscientious person, you can do your part for the environment while saving some serious money on your utility bill. Residential wind turbines are the answer. Often given the nickname "small wind", these turbines are designed to work on a per home basis. Given the right conditions, a residential turbine can produce all of the electricity you need and more. In fact, the generator will be hooked up to the utility grid and you can actually sell power to the utility if you produce more than you need.

Now, the word turbine can be a bit intimidating. When I think of a turbine, I picture something large and loud. In the case of small wind, this is not the case. The machinery makes a bit of noisy, but nothing substantial. Although sizes vary, your little power producer will be roughly three to five feet wide from the tip of one propeller to the other.

The one area where residential wind power may be a problem involves height. To make electricity, your turbine needs to get 10 miles an hour of wind. This may sound like a lot, but it often is not if you go 20 or 30 feet up in the air. To this end, you can do a search for small wind information to find out the statistics for your area.

Assuming wind power makes sense for your home, you should be able to greatly reduce or outright eliminate your electricity bill.

Rick Chapo is with SolarCompanies.com. Visit us to read more articles on wind power.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding Grants for Green Construction

When it comes to new construction techniques, grants are often a way to cut costs. Federal grants for green construction are plentiful with billions literally available.

A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a Federal agency. It is intended to carry out a public purpose or support or stimulate a purpose that is authorized by a law of the United States. Federal grants can be found and applied for electronically. The site Grants.gov is the central clearing house for Federal Grants.

There are twenty six different agencies that offer over 1,000 grant programs. The grants that apply to green construction are mostly offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The total amount of grants available exceeds $400 billion dollars. The grants offered by the feds fall into twenty one categories. The categories that have the most impact on green construction are Energy, Environmental Quality, and Health.

Most of the grants are directed toward specific geographical areas. Some of the major concerns of the grants include water quality improvement and the prevention of urban storm water runoff. Many of the grants are connected with the Leeds certification program. Leeds stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a program that is run by the United States Green Building Council and it establishes green construction standards and awards certificates to those that maintain these standards.

Although there are federal grants available, it is on the state and local level that the large majority of grants can be found. The green movement is a grassroots type of thing that appears to be strongest at the local level. Environmental concerns are often very local, and the problems that have been caused by the neglect of the environment are local as well. The pollution of waterways is a good example of this. grant programs exist that are directed at the Great Lakes or at Puget Sound, for example. States that are bordering these waterways usually offers these grants. The idea of environmental impact areas has led to the localities that border or are inside the impact area being the best source of funds for projects that will address the problems.

Private foundations like the Kresage Foundation are among the best sources of green construction grants. The Kresage Foundation has been offering grants under their Green Building Initiative Program. It is specifically geared toward the area of planning and design. While it is true that State, local, and private foundations are the major sources of grants that can be considered pure green building, the federal government is also a source. Research is the key to finding a grant for your project, so take the time to explore the various options mentioned above.  TVA in Tennessee is active in promoting homeowner green energy.  So in addition to government agencies check out your local utility company.

Zack Verde is with GreenBuildingCompanies.com - providing green building articles.

Green Power Easy Review-The Easiest,Cheapest Way to Convert your Home to Solar or Wind Power

Many people these days are looking for alternative energy solutions to combat rising electricity prices and to reduce their impact on the environment.

To buy a complete alternative energy system and have it installed could cost you $15,000 to $20,000. The great news is that there are now excellent do-it-yourself guides like Green Power Easy, that make it simple to convert your home to solar or wind power for as little as $200 to $300.

Being passionate about sustainable living practices, I have been looking for alternative energy guides for some time . I have purchased two guides in the past, but as a female do-it-yourselfer, I found them to be a little too technical at times and found it difficult to understand some of the instructions. I didn't feel confident enough to get started on the solar conversion I had planned.

Having recently purchased the Green Power Easy series of guides, I must say they are the most comprehensive and easy to understand guides I have ever come across. Most importantly it's the first time I've seen a guide that teaches you how to convert your whole home, easily, to solar or wind power.

The authors Peter and Jen Lowe, provide well written step-by-step instructions on how to build solar panels and wind turbines, and how to connect them to other components to complete your home conversion. Professionally designed illustrations also help to show you how to complete each step. There is nothing too challenging here for the average DIYer, but if you are not that confident about doing things like soldering, sawing, drilling and wiring, you may have to enlist the help of a handyman friend.

Green Power Easy comes as a series of ebooks and videos comprising of:

1 The EASY DIY Guide to Solar and Wind Power
This is the main ebook of 140 pages that teaches you:
What alternative energy is all about.
How to choose which alternative energy solution is best for your home.
How to design and build your own solar panels.
How to design and build your own wind turbine.
5 ways to wire your energy system into your home.

This is your guide to designing an alternative energy system that will reduce or eliminate your power bills.
You will learn:
How to calculate your current energy needs.
How to use those calculations to design your alternative energy system.
6 steps to take to ensure your system works for your needs.
How to calculate your energy storage needs.
How to design an energy storage system.

This shows you how to take advantage of green rebates of up to 75 %, available from federal, state, and local governments.
It includes information on:
US federal, state and local rebates.
Canadian federal and provincial rebates.
Information for UK and Australian members, and information for other countries.

Learn where to source parts that you can afford.
You will learn:
How to find solar cells to build a panel for less than $25.
How to get a turbine generator for less than $40.
Where to get batteries for $5 and much more.

5 Supplementary VIDEOS
Easy to follow videos that build upon what the ebooks cover.

6 Optional Green Power EASY TV SERIES
A monthly video series that includes further instruction, new DIY ideas, and ideas on how to start your own alternative energy business.

You can purchase all of this for under $50 ( look for the special offer), which in my opinion is unbeatable value for money.
I believe this is the top product in this market at present, and would recommend it to everyone who wants to build their own solar or wind power system.
The authors offer a 60 day money back guarantee to give you ample time to look through all the material.

If you are still undecided, take a look at their Free Alternative Energy Report, which tells you more about the product and shows real case studies of systems that have been built. They also offer 2 free samples from the Green Power Easy TV series.

For a second opinion, take a look at alternative energy engineer, Miller Britzke's, reviews of the top five guides for DIY Alternative Energy